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Shenzhen SDGI Photoelectricity Technologies Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as Company) is a High and New Tech Enterprise, and is one of the earliest manufacturer with manufacturing, researching and developing of helical line products. The company is specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of Helical Hardware Fittings for ADSS/OPGW/OPPC cable, Conductor, Grounding wire, Stay wire and railway Overhead Line System; it is also worked on the design /installation /consultation /maintenance for integrative products of TOEC and High voltage transmission line. 


Shenzhen SDG Information Limited Company (SDGI) is a High-Tech List company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is one of the first batch of state- controlled national new and Hi-tech enterprises in China devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of fiber- optic cable, wiring network equipment and communications equipment; SDGI was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000. Currently, the industrial business of SDGI covers such fields as the Optical fiber and optical cable, Intelligent Network and Military industry information, etc. The company has built the complete sales and service systems in more than 40 countries and regions in the world, has various industrial bases as well as a dozen wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Southwest China, East China and North China, etc., with the annual output more than 5 billion yuan.


​SDGI self-designed and manufactured the first generation helical rods production line, and then established Shenzhen SDGI Photoelectricity Technologies Co., Ltd in 2009, and brought in advanced production equipment for helical rods manufacturing to expand scale of production and production efficiency. The company passed the SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) prequalification as a qualified supplier and won in annual concentrated bidder of SGCC. Up to now, the company has already supplied more than million sets of good quality hardware fittings for SGCC.


Along with the expansion of business, the company established controlled company in Doguang SDGI industrial park, to enlarge the production scale and complete the industrial structure step by step. Our products are covering Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber cable, Prefabricated optical cable, Hardware Fittings for Optical Fiber Cable, Hardware Fittings for Fig-8 cable, Helical rods for conductor and grounding wire, Helical rods/fittings for electrified railways, Helical Armour rods and relative products and accessories for FTTH. The company is long term cooperated supplier for SGCC, CSPG, Telecom Operators, HUAWEI and oversea customers.

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